Install MIAB on dedicated server, static IP only, non-cloud, non-VM, Ubuntu 14/16/18 OR CentOS 7

I strongly believe in ‘tin foil hats’; I do not trust clouds, I do not trust VMs, I do not trust my private, secured data on someone else’s machine. I trust only ONE place to serve my services – ME.

I have a small data center consisting of rough 60 servers (at last count) used for cybersecurity research requiring secured, isolated environments. Private cloud environments are located on a separated isolated subnet using Kubernetes, Nextcloud and several other cloudified solutions.

I want, and am looking for, a solution for a confirmed and reliable setup process for a:

(1) non-cloudified solution;
(2) non-VM solution;
(3) non-hosted solution (no offsite, no lights-out);
(4) onsite-dedicated solution;
(5) non-glueified solution;
(6) non-dynamic assigned IP addresses;
(7) dedicated statically-assigned IP addresses:
(8) non-Windows solution; and,
(9) Ubutu 14/16 solution OK, preferably CentOS 7 solution.

If this entire criteria-set can be achieved, I would be a very happy camper.

Standard sum gratis ad nausem applies.


You can install and run Mail-in-a-Box on a server located under your bed - that is fine. As long as the OS is Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and your ‘data-center’ has a dedicated publicly routable IP address available for use by this server only.

Ya wanna clarify what you mean exactly by the above? Since I have no clue what you are talking about clarification is needed. Elsewise, it looks like MiaB ticks all of your boxes.

I have my own dedicated DNS servers. Everything is behind 3 layers of firewalls. Instead of “NS1.BOX.###.COM” and “NS2.BOX.###.COM”, I’d like to point them to my own DNS servers as NS1.MYDNS.COM and NS1.MYDNS.COM, in which there will be a “” for said device. To me, this makes much more sense, esp. if someone (like me) is self-hosting.

The “glueified” solution was in reference to GANDI as “glue records”; I’ve never heard of “glue records” before, and henceforth, why I thought that this was something new.

Glue records are you how you make your own nameserver. If you have your own DNS servers, I think you must also already have glue records?

In any case, if you already have DNS servers, you don’t need to use Mail-in-a-Box’s DNS functionality. (You just ignore it and set whatever DNS records you like on your own DNS servers, using Mail-in-a-Box’s guidance.)

Well from your clarification, the fact that you have your own DNS servers, and the fact that all you need to do is copy the necessary DNS settings from the Admin area External DNS page it sounds like Mail-in-a-Box ticks all your boxes and you should be a very happy camper! :slight_smile:

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