Install Mabola skin for roundcube mail

I would propose to install the fantastic Mabola roundcube mail skin including the plugin for 3pane view and rightclick menu. It really makes roundcube mail feel alot more modern. I have been using it for a year or so and it works very stable and well.


I’ve installed it in MIAB before. It is a pretty good skin. To install it, just unzip and upload the file to


If you are already using it, then good job! Hope everything is working great!

already using it here and yes it works reqlly well. It is more the context menu plugin (right-click menu) I cannot seem to find a good way to install so it is maintained between upgrades of roundcube mail in MIAB.

There is no way because the mailinabox update/install script downloads and reinstalls roundcube everytime an update is installed. There is no way to avoid it. good news is MIAB is not updated too frequently. Maybe once a month at best. So just make having to configure roundcube during updates.

If the theme is nice, we can include it with Mail-in-a-Box.

Whenever I try to install the skin it shows as Larry even when I’ve confirmed I have chosen mabola.

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I find it very nice and clean. Looks more modern than the default ones.
would it be possible to include the 3columns (available from same git repo as the theme) plugin as well.

What did you do to install? I changed it in the default config (so everyone uses it as default on my server) and then for my existing user I had to go into settings and chose the theme manually (as a theme is already set for the user).

I tried all of these things and for some reason it still uses Larry. Is it possible to reset the roundcube install since I may have messed the skin install up.

I had the same problem… I realized the name of the theme is mabola, so if you downloaded the folder from github and it says “mabola-master” you need to rename the theme folder to just “mabola” and it will work.

Thanks, That got it working for me.

I’ve created and tested a PR to include mabola and ThreeCol layout.

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