Install failed at roundcube

Hi, all can anyone help, I have tried to do the setup loads of time now on my ESXi server and every time the install script get as far as this line the whole server crashes and I have to try the setup all over again.
it never seems to get past the ( installing Roundcube…)

as for the sever it has 10gb of ram and 550gb of HD space so I am at a loss as to why it is doing this can anyone help, please



I’m sorry but I have to ask the obvious … you are installing on to Ubuntu 18.04 server edition as the underlying OS, right?

very much my friend, the host running Ubuntu 18.04 is VMWARE ESXI HOST HOME LAB SETUP

Can you confirm that’s 10 MB of RAM?

yes it has 10gb of ram

@anon53474253 Are you able to share error logs with us?

Hi folks. The OP requested that his account be deleted, fyi.

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