Install error, admin screen "Site can not be reached"

I am trying to set up a new install of Main in a box, and have tried 3 times now with the same issues. I started a new server on EC2 on AWS each time I tried, fresh install and I followed the steps in the set up and get an error and then am not able to see the Admin screen. I already own the Domain through Route 53 and have a webserver running wordpress on LightSail, so I am not sure if some of that is related to the problem based on some I have read how mail in a box wants to be the DNS server as well. Any help would be appreciated.


You need to enter your DNS information in AWS’s DNS system as it appears that you have chosen to use External DNS.
See the info on the System > External DNS page within the Admin area. Be certain that you only enter the A record for so that you do not accidentally take down your web site.

When the install of your box finished you would have been instructed how to access the admin page via its direct IP address.

It will be your box’s IP address so … https://xxx.yyy.zzz.www/admin

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I have never seen/heard of that error … where during the process did it occur?

Email sent … may I suggest removing it from your message.

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