Install Bludit besides MiaB

Hi all,

I was wondering if it is possible to host your own Blundit blog on the MiaB /home/user-data/www/ location.
Does anyone have experience with this? If so could you guide me through the process please?

I know MiaB should be used for MiaB only, but I would like to blog also on this domain. I see there are some requirements to Bludit: Requirements | Bludit Documentation . As far as I can see Docker is also a possibility, maybe that is a good alternative for installing dependencies on the MiaB machine?



I don’t think you’d find it practical put another webserver on an MIAB box. It’s computers - anything can be done with enough work, but you’re likely to find it a pain.

MIAB requires ports 80 and 443 (http and https) so anything else (say a docker app) would have to use non-standard ports.

You could modify the nginx config to proxy stuff from (say) your.domain/blog to another process on other ports, and config your blog to run on those different ports. However your nginx config mods will get clobbered every time an update comes through, and your docker app would also be running a non-standard config.

So unless you’re reasonably technical and happy supporting your own stuff, it would be a pain.

Thanks for your response Andrew,

I already expected that kind of pain haha! I will see what I will do :slight_smile:

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