Initial Setup Status Page - Issues with DNS

I created a clean Digital Ocean server and installed MailInABox as per the instructions. My Domain is hosted by Google Domains and I have created two Glue records and pointed my nameserver records to my Box.

When I check the system status I get the following errors:

I have rerun the Mailinabox setup script, updated all of the software on the box and reboot and the errors persist. When I check Dig everything seems to be pointing to the right places though so I am not sure what I have done!? Help please!?

Did you manually set MX records at google or in the custom dns page?

No, as soon as you set the glue records in Google Domain management all the other settings get locked out.

However, I have just logged back in to make sure that nothing was set inadvertently in the Custom DNS page and I now have green ticks against everything! It appears that DNS was taking much longer than usual to sort itself out??

glue records at the registrar can take up to 48 hours to propagate properly so that’s most likely what happened.

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