Initial setup domain not where email is hosted

Hello All. First off THANK you devs for this outstanding project. I am setting up a mail-in-a-box server at All goes well with this. I setup the email account as the admin of the server. However, my intent is to then setup a bunch of subdomains to be hosted on this server and NOT have MY domain hosted on this server. I will be the admin for this server and I would like to have the hostname be However, the issue I have is that does NOT have it’s email hosted on this server. It is up at google. Therefore, if anyone who is hosted on this server sends an email to it will end up staying on this mail-in-a-box server and not end up where it should go at google. Also alerts will never make it to me either. In sendmail I would just edit the old local-host-names file and it would solve this issue.

So in summary can I have setup as the host with be the admin BUT have the email from the server properly be routed to google when originating from this server?

Thanks very much for this project.


In Postfix that’s called a satellite system: where your box forwards all outgoing mail to another box for delivery. You can find guides on how to set it up.

Beware! This is not supported by mail-in-a-box, so your config file edits will probably be blown away whenever you upgrade.

Thanks very much. I decided that it would be easier to just register a new domain for this function…Works perfect…I want to stay in a supported config.


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