Initial install script crashes due errors fetching files - how to resolve?

Hi all,

following the guide for install Mail in a Box on my VPS - The guide is awesome at trying to cover such a complex topic.

Was going ok with DNS nameservers updated and script going fine, answer a few questions about domain, email address, timezone. Script is happily doing its things generating some encryption keys (I think; said something about a big prime…) and downloading stuff…

but it then abruptly crashes with errors about being unable to fetch certain files. The names of the servers looks like somewhat related to my hosting provider (Aliyun) but I didn’t enter these — I think the script must have looked it up somewhere but it is out of date or otherwise not working?

That’s about as far as my limited knowledge about what is going on can get me. Any hints on how to resolve and continue on the script?

ok - stretching my unix knowledge from final year of university 20 years ago … but cluing that something is wrong with the apt-get sources; experimented a bit replaced entries with something source I found on web.

Seemed to go further but then still met with the following. To be honest - this is looking terminal. Not really sure how to proceed from here - any ideas/help appreciated!

Unless someone more knowledgeable comes along to prove me wrong, it seems like there is something wrong with the Ubuntu installation?

I am not more knowledgeable than @openletter but I concur in the assessment that the Ubuntu image is problematic.

Who is the VPS provider and which specific VPS from their site are you using @kellytrinh ?

It is Alibaba cloud. They have a nice deal with free 12 month trials of their ECS product so I am trying out mail in a box on that with their stock Ubuntu 18.04 image…

If they allow you to upload your own image, you may want to try that out.

I guess I can explore that side - altho will be fiddly since I will have to somehow link it to the management console / ip infrastructure etc. Might be tough coz as I said already on the edge of what I know. (I haven’t used vi in ages and took me a bit to remember how to get in and out of command mode…)

Anyway things are rolling so worth a try, updates maybe slow coz this is hobby outside my real job but could you share a link / reference to images and I poke around

Update - tried out a fresh image with the APT source file somewhere else and still getting to similar problem.

Zooming in on the error message

sqlite3: depends: libsqlite3-0 (=3.22.0-1) but 3.22.0-1ubuntu0.2 is to be installed

looks like some clashes in version naming where the system starts with version “ubuntu0.2” which is blocking futher installations.

For all the linux heads out there - is it possible to ignore this particular dependency and “force” sqlite3 to install (ie the version mismatch is treated as soft fail rather than fatal error)

Just to confirm, you are running a 64-bit version of Ubuntu 18.04? When you login, you should see:

Welcome to Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.15.0-88-generic x86_64)

Good news - managed to go further - the fix was to replace the sources.list file with the respositories in “step 2” of the website below. It is a bit unclear to me what was underlying problem but curl step progressing now (up to installing NextCloud… lets see how it goes)

@kellytrinh I honestly think that you are creating nothing but more problems for yourself in the future by continuing down this road with Alibaba cloud. Clearly their image of Ubuntu 18.04 is broken.

Do this and paste the output please:

lsb-release -a

Also, do you know what type of virtualization your vps is using??

Thanks for tip - certainly it is been a bit of a hassle over last couple of days; but it is decent free trial and so helpful as learning experience. If I was using some paid service like say digital ocean right now the frustration level would be much much higher getting things working…

For the LSB command - I get the following response:

In terms of type of virtualization - not too sure what that means. The instance type of t5.micro which they explain in their documentation like this:

Again sorry if a bit clueless on this aspect; was just getting domain for vanity email and one thing lead to another leading to mail in a box. Thought I would try it out but this is quite a stretch for me (I don’t work in tech). please excuse the stupid questions.

Finally success(footnote-1)

Steps I needed were:

  1. rewriting the apt sources file (above)
  2. adding in to /etc/hosts the name and IP of my VPS (was getting multiple soft errors and at least this got rid of them… not sure if I should keep this tho)
  3. rewriting the pip.conf file for sources (similar to step 1)
  4. allowing incoming ports from console - default setup is to block everything and was so frustrating to see install ok but webservice not working until I realised this step.

it looks like the main source of problems was the cloud provider having all the points to local mirrors but then those mirrors being unreachable.

anyway - thanks all for the help and will continue poking around…

(footnote - 1) - note success means being able to access web/admin portal from external computer; still have yet to try out all the features… …

You didn’t run the command I asked for … but from the output that you shared, it appears that you are not even running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS which is the required OS version.

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