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Great Wizards of MiaB, I am not new to many things but this is one that I must admit I have racked my head and cant seem to find an answer.

I just setup my MiaB and it’s a standard installation with nothing special or any major changes to any of the configuration files. I am finished with the setup and able to send and receive emails. However. (and there is always a however)… I am trying to import my user messages from Zoho and of course I have found the wonderful export tool that zips up all of the mails and places them into a nice zip file for downloading. I have completed that process and most of my users have very large mail boxes (of course) and I have tried with no success to upload the zip file into roundcube with the import function under the beautifully placed three dots in the upper left hand corner. Only to get an an error that would indicate that the file is to big to import … so I read and changed the following parameters in my php.ini (version 7.2 of PHP) file under nginx …


upload_max_filesize = 20000M (2GB)
post_max_size = 30000M (3GB)

The email file I need to import is 450MB (years and years of work)
Results: Server Error – Request Entity too large

This didn’t work so I decided to unzip the mail file and import them in bulk with this wonderful parameter located in the same php.ini file

max_file_uploads = 2000

The number of files to import is 1600 so I selected them all and this did not work either
Results: Server Error – Request Entity too large

Any support would be greatly appreciated and … NO I do not have a .htaccess file (that I setup on this server) for MiaB



It even has an online version so that you do not have to install it:

Thanks Alento,

however is there not a simple way to just make the parameters work as shown ?

Why don’t you upload the file to the box using FTP, SCP, or SSH, and then import it directly from there? Handling that size and number of files via HTTP is a recipe for disaster!

Maybe … but it is unsupported so I am not gonna go there. I don’t ever condone messing around with things as they are unless YOU know exactly what you are doing and what will happen if you make adjustments - in other words AYOR. (at your own risk)

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