Improve Mail-in-a-Box system status checks when using external DNS


I would like to discuss about the MIAB status checks when using external DNS.

I’m using the DNS servers of my hostname provider to have the redundancy that MIAB cannot provide (because it’s serving its own DNS server).

Using external DNS is allowed by MIAB, my box domain name is “”, but when I see the status check, I can only see errors:

But these are not errors. Since I am using external DNS, I can use the DNSSEC option of my service provider if I want to.

If I’m using external DNS, it’s not needed for my “” domain to use the box DNS neither.

If I don’t want to serve any website nor webmail with my “” domain, I also don’t need to redirect it to the box.

These are not critical issues at all and the MIAB will work as expected.

I suggest to only put these messages as “infos” et not as “errors”.

What do you think?

How do you propose, that MiaB know that it is not expected to be the primary DNS - in other words that the end user is using External DNS? Keeping in mind that MiaB is designed to handle DNS in house.

It does not have to detect anything, it’s just about how information is displayed in the status check.

MIAB already does it on the glue records check, why not have it everywhere when it’s not sure there is an issue?

I suggest adding this phrase at the end of each message that is not always an issue and change their style from “error” to “info” in order to harmonize the behavior.

If you have set up External DNS, this may be OK.

For the error that says “if you’d like to serve a webmail or a website on this domain…” (it’s a condition, the phrase itself says it may not be an issue), I suggest:

If you don’t want to serve webmail or website on this domain, this may be OK.

People with issues can still see that these checks are not OK, but people that are not concerned are not blinded with fatal errors everywhere when everything is fine.

I suggest that this is an excellent issue to bring up on the Mail-in-a-Box Github. Even better yet if you create a pull request.

However I would suggest that you use

i think the status page needs some optimisation for that too.

we could create new domain page, where all domains are listed and the admin can define what kind of dns setup is used.
the nsd zone generation could benefit from that, external zones could be skipped


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