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Hi there,
I am not able to send emails to a big german ISP ( due to their restrictions.

After talking to there popstmaster, I got informed, that I need to place contect information on my box. mainscreen. So when he accesses it, he will see the contact details immediately.

I was playing around with elastic templatets to just add an impressum on the login screen. I dit not succeed :slight_smile: Could some one please point me out how to add sonme free text at the bottom of the login page?

I know you will not like this response, but I am now giving it because this issue is only going to get worse unless there is some sort of pushback:

Tell whoever you are trying to communicate that t-online is not following published IETF mail standards and to send a trouble ticket.

If t-online doesn’t fix it, work with the contacts to use a different mail ISP. I’m not kidding. Every time each of these little hurdles is put up, as soon as the non-conglomerate small mail server admins meet them, the freemail-paid-email-oligopolists erect a new one. If they never feel any genuine pain from this problem, we will eventually be using their services instead our mail servers.

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Also note that it sounds like they are being highly selective, so likely they may be using some hidden analytics tools that the support staff aren’t told about.

There are major universities with tens of thousands of active users who use the generic Roundcube login page as the webmail login. I very seriously doubt t-online is blocking their messages. They are consistently singling out small mail servers because they want to herd users into one of a handful of mail providers.

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Yes, you are totally right.
They are blocking any unknown mailservers. You then have to contact their postmaster and follow their instructions (imprint on your website (only one topic from their list)) and they will then activate mail reception for your IP.

Anyways :slight_smile: I would like to add a simple imprint if possible.

Also, are you sure they are asking about a login page? It is not unusual to require a unique home page for whatever domain you are sending with, which MiaB does permit adding static pages fairly easily, but contact details is highly unusual.

Actually they are not asking to add it to the login page but the page that is available under my mail servers domain. I have lot’s of different domains for the emailadresses, but the mnail server domain does not have a static welcome page.
I configured my system to automatically show the login page, so yes, that is the first page they can see

I just had a quick look at the template files and you should be able to do it by editing /usr/local/lib/roundcubemail/skins/elastic/templates/login.html

Add a <p>Your text in here</p> directly after <roundcube:container name="loginfooter" id="login-footer" />

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Thanks S4_Hosting,
that’s what I tried aswell, but this unfortunately does not work.

It is visible in the src of the login page but not shown in the browser.

You can see the result here: Webmail :: Welcome to Webmail
(I added some more tryouts at different locations in the file, all with no / strange result)

I think, it is some sort of css magic, I do not understand.

It is there, it’s just displaying in the rop right corner of the screen - “above footer include”.

If you move that inserted paragraph in the template to be the next line directly below the line <roundcube:container name="loginfooter" id="login-footer" /> then instead of being in the top right corner it will be directly under the login form.

I’ve just tried it on two different roundcube installations and it works fine.

If you want it to be somewhere else on the page instead, let me know where and I will take another look at the template.

Aaaah super…
That’s it!
Thanks so much.

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