Importing data from Google?

Are there any tools or documentation for explaining how to import your email/calendar/contact data from Google?

Google allows exporting all your data at

How would I import this into Mail-in-a-box?

This is a very interesting question I did not thought about yet. :slight_smile:
Regarding mails I found this link:
This could(!) work on our systems, too. Please make a good (i.e. tested) backup before you try to follow the instructions.

I was never able to get the Dovecot tool to work, but trusty ol’ imapsync worked like a charm.

For calendars and contacts, it may possible to just sync one device to to both? I think after removing the Gmail account, the MiaB account will be updated. Haven’t tried it with MiaB, but it worked a few years back when I needed to sync Gmail with Outlook through an iPhone and my desktop Outlook was updated even after removing the Gmail account from the iPhone.

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For email, it’s as easy as setting up both Gmail and your MIAB account in your email client, then drag all the emails from GMAIL into your MIAB account.

The email once sync with your Miab account, will be sync across your devices.

How well does that work with 10+ years of emails?

Did some clean up on my Gmail, so it doesn’t take up too much space in Miab.

Keeping only emails that I want, total about 120MB, took me about 5 minutes.

I’ve got ~7GB and probably >10,000 emails. The time to go through would be ridiculous. imapsync is way easier and way faster for me.

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