Import failure "Connection error: failed to reach the server"

Hello. New MiaB setup. VM on Digital Ocean. Account / mailserver is working as expected.
I am trying to import a 2 Gbyte zip Mbox export file, getting the above error. Any suggestions?

thank you

What are you using to import it into MiaB?

using webmail → import

That is because the nginx.conf filesize limit is 128M. The Roundcube import tool states 16G because that is the PHP configuration, but you can’t upload larger than 128M through the interface, unless you want to edit the appropriate nginx.conf file.

thank you. Is there another way to import ?

If this is from another IMAP server, you can use imapsync.

thank you again. I’ll try that

Do a google search for ‘Convert MBOX to Maildir format’. There is a perl script called mb2md which may be helpful. There is also commercial software available for $49.

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