Implications of using Mysql for Roundcube

Hi there,
New user to MIAB, and gotta say after trying many solutions, it’s far better than all the alternatives.

I have been tinkering ( as I’m prone to do ), and wanted to install the latest Roundcube beta 1.4rc1 release to have the new ‘Elastic’ theme. I also wanted to use this plugin: which has been authored to use mysql, not sqlite.

The plugin allows to use the built in Calendar template for Roundcube’s ‘Larry’ theme ( with Elastic hopefully soon ), and connect to the NextCloud calendar directly from within Roundcube’s interface.

To install it I basically deleted the entire /usr/local/lib/roundcubemail directory, installed php-mysql + mysql-server, created the roundcube user and empty DB and then unpacked the roundcube 1.4rc1 tar package into the /usr/local/lib/roundcubemail dir and run the web based installer as if it was a vanilla install. It all works perfectly!

However, just wanting to know the implications and possible impact doing this might have. It all seemed a little…too easy! :slight_smile:

  1. Backups - given the DB is stored in /var/lib/mysql will it be picked up by the backup script?
  2. Is the default sqlite database used directly by any other parts of MIAB, which now means there is a separation of data sources with roundcube using mysql, and other parts using the original sqlite DB? If so, is that actually a problem?

Any thing else I’ve possibly stuffed up?

Having said that, it all works fine and suits my personal needs in this configuraiton, but just wanting to make sure i haven’t mucked something up badly that isn’t obvious but might bite me down the track.

@JoshData Thank you so much for this project! It’s a work of art!


No. Can you set a custom path? It should be in /home/user-data/ I think.

Any other parts meaning other than Roundcube? Yes. postfix for one. See /etc/postfix/ and probably more …

OK, so it seems the mysql DB i’ve used is just the Roundcube DB schema on the client side of things. The actual emails/mailboxes are definitely in /home/user-data and are stored in maildir format. As long as the actual Mailboxes are backed up, I’m alot happier, and that directory is backed up!