IMAP working, slight issue with Exchange


I just set up and configured Mail-in-a-Box. It took me a while to go through all the items in the “Status Checks” page, but now everything is green :slight_smile:

I have also created 2 email accounts, configured them in outlook as IMAP accounts and they can both receive and send emails. (even though for some reason on the recipient side all emails end up in junk)

The only problem I have is that when I try to configure them as Exchange email accounts (instead of IMAP) I get some errors.

This is without defining the optional server

This is when defining the optional server

Could this be a configuration error on my part?
How can I fix it?

Usually when using Microsoft products, “Exchange” is referring to Microsoft Exchange Server, so the interface is trying to log your into an Exchange server. See the following note in the MiaB instructions page:

Exchange/ActiveSync settings

On iOS devices, devices on this compatibility list, or using Outlook 2007 or later on Windows 7 and later, you may set up your mail as an Exchange or ActiveSync server. However, we’ve found this to be more buggy than using IMAP as described above. If you encounter any problems, please use the manual settings above.

Options Secure Connection

Your device should also provide a contacts list and calendar that syncs to this box when you use this method.

What happens if you select “Not Exchange?” Does it allow you to set up the IMAP settings?

I assumed that “Exchange” refers to the protocol of communication, which would be ActiveSync.

Yes, clicking on “Not Exchange” takes you to IMAP options, and IMAP works just fine, I was hoping to have the configuration downloaded automatically, which theoretically ActiveSync does.

I’ve had issues with ActiveSync in other applications in the past.

Here is a GitHub issue discussion on ActiveSync:

Here is a merged PR that was to fix this issue:

I know it works find in Thunderbird.

Seems to be working just fine on the iphone, even when i select to add it as an exchange account.

It could be an issue on outlook on my mac.

I will try it out on a few more email clients and operating systems.

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