I'm locked out from logging into the web admin area (box.DO.MAIN/admin)

I can still send and receive email, but I can not login to the admin page or webmail page.

I have tried logging in from various ip addresses. I always get the error “login failed: incorrect username or password.”

From the command line, run


which will give you the list of commands to use … run it again following the correct pattern to reset the password of the user in question. You could alternatively make another existing user an admin.

Hey @alento thanks for the help!

I gave that a shot adding a new user and changing a password, did not get in.

All of my accounts are locked out from logging into webmail and admin page.

Tried setting up imap with the new account I created and failed.

Emails previously set up with imap have no problem continuing to receive and send mail.

Would it be some security thing locking me out? I checked out fail2ban that didn’t seem to be the issue. Is there something that locks logins out after so many failed login attempts?

I have been looking through logs, but have not found one for the box.DOMAIN.com/admin login attempts yet, would anyone know where to find that?

Edit: found the log and it is saying the passwords do not match

Edit: i changed the password using the mail.py tool and still cannot log in…

This is totally bizarre. I am just curious as to how many users you have?

Also, are there any language issues at play here meaning are any users using a different keyboard layout than that standard US QWERTY keyboard? Even UK … anything possible with language?

I have 4 users, all use the same US keyboard layout.

It is very odd, I am not sure why new logins are being restricted or where to even look.