I want mail in a box to be used on another server but not host its dns

How can i allows my mail in box server to send mail for another domain. How do i generate the dkim and spf?

Although your box is configured to serve its own DNS, it is possible to host your DNS elsewhere — such as in the DNS control panel provided by your domain name registrar or virtual cloud provider — by copying the DNS zone information shown in the table below into your external DNS server’s control panel.

If you do so, you are responsible for keeping your DNS entries up to date! If you previously enabled DNSSEC on your domain name by setting a DS record at your registrar, you will likely have to turn it off before changing nameservers.

The settings you are looking for are in System > External DNS.

alright thanks. If I come across another question I would let you know

currently I have two mail in a box server and set up the spf record in my third hosting server. But it is passing spf validation but dkim is failing
Please what is the problem.

Just saying “This doesn’t work, why?” isn’t enough for anyone to tell what’s happening. You’re going to have to go into more detail if you want help.

You are going to need to give a very detailed overview of your set up. What exactly do you mean by ‘currently I have two Mail-in-a-Box server(s)’ and ‘set up the spf record in my third hosting server’?

When you add an email account on a new domain, the settings are automatically created. Like @blinkingline said, you can retrieve those settings from the ‘External DNS’ area of the admin pages.

I don’t want to add it to a domain. I just want it to be among the allowed servers that can send an email using my website domain

ok see what i did here. mywebsite is website.com and its running on its own server.
I have two additional servers for my mail and both have mailinabox. I set spf record on my website server to allows mails from my two mailinabox server. I tried generating dkim record from one free site online and added it to the custom dns of my mailinabox servers. and also added it to the records on website.com server. Spf passes but dkim fails. Please why

So to confirm:

  1. You have a webserver serving up website.com
  2. The DNS for website.com is being served from somewhere that is not your MIAB.
  3. You are using MIAB to handle the email for website.com, but not the DNS.

If that is correct, you need to take the settings on the External DNS page from MIAB and put those into whatever DNS you’re using. MIAB generates the domain key and everything else you need and provides it to use when updating your DNS.

If that is NOT correct, then do us all a favor and put in as much information as you can, because the details here are still pretty scant.

You don’t want to add what ‘to a domain’?

How are these related? Are you trying to send/receive/both email from the same domain(s) on both servers. Be VERY specific.

Uhmm, that is not how this works. You set SPF in DNS for the domains to state that email is allowed to be sent from the specific servers.

This absolutely will not work!

Because it was not generated by your mail server, and most likely you did not integrate it properly with your mail server. I would ask you to list all of the steps that you took to integrate this but will not as it would be an unsupported modification.

Here is the deal @samson2ky you do not have a good grasp of the proper terminology or of how all these things work interdependently upon each other. I asked you to give a VERY DETAILED OVERVIEW of your set up in an earlier response so that we could possibly understand what exactly you have done but you did not - instead you have continued blindly forward. Help us help you by answering our questions, please.

ok thanks alot would try that . But must my mail box hostname be same with the domain of my website. for instance instead of it being box.website.com it would be box.example.com

OK see what i did. But before that I want you to know that I am new in this stuff.
I have have two domains mainsite.com and test.com.
I wanted to know how to host two mail servers. so I decided to use test.com.
I got two new servers on digital ocean and set them up with the first machine having a hostname of box.test.com and the second one having a hostname of box1.test.com
it worked well in both cases although one of the mail servers had dkim issue .
so i now wanted to host my mail this time using the mainsite.com domain but my two mail servers are different from mainsite.com server.
now since i’m not going to host the dns on my mailinabox servers which settings do i need to copy from the external dns page to my mainsite.com dns record.
and should I change box1.test.com and box.test.com machine hostname to box.mainsite.com and box1.mainsite.com hostname

Please tell me why you are running two mail servers @samson2ky

I am running two mail servers and they are both for sending( sending only mails) not receiving. so that just incase one is down I can send with the other one
Please can you help me out from my explanation above?

Please can you help me out

Ok. I really don’t see the need for this. At all. @samson2ky

However, if that is what you want to do I can only suggest a much better option. You need to have ONE installation of MiaB set up and once it is set up, make a snapshot of that DO droplet. You then have your ‘in case one is down’ backup. IF the very unlikely event of one going down were to happen, you simply would create a new droplet with the snapshot that you created. Run sudo mailinabox, update the glue records and you’re done. You pay half of the cost, and eliminate the DKIM issue.

You will add at least one email user for mainsite.com. After you have done that you will copy ALL of the records on the External DNS page of the admin area for that domain to your external DNS provider.

No, what would be the benefit? Nothing. There is no advantage really to hosting email on a server in the same domain. And you need to eliminate this 2 MiaB server setup as in my other reply.