I really need some help!

How do I set up to add the recipient’s first name to auto-reply emails
How should I set up so THAT I can create a sequence of auto-follow-up replies?
How should I set up to merge these messages?
I really know there is a lot of tools that can do this. Such as saleshandy. But, i want do this in my MIAB
Sincerely appreciate any reply

I’m not sure how to do this with Rouncube or other tools installed with MiaB.

What you are looking for a newsletter/automated marketing type tool. I know Mautic has automation, but I’m not sure about responses of the sort you are looking for.

These are not functions that MiaB handles. Sorry.

Sincerely appreciate

This is a client side thing - You can probably set this up in Outlook with an addon of some kind if you leave outlook open

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