I never interact with this in a non-standard way but dns breaks constantly can I disable it on the host and use something else?

I’m not doing anything outside of the specification of DNS and I’m getting fed up at this point I get most of my records served until I add a record on a blue moon and then all of a sudden SOME but never ALL of my dns records randomly begin to fail. I really just at this point want to make Technitium my default DNS provider I’ve been using it in production and often as my mailinabox secondary nameserver and its been nothing but a joy so far. I’m not sure why the internal dns here is typically so great but randomly makes me have to delete and re-enter half my zones before they can work again.

I guess its something like systemctl stop/disable named the status panel seems pretty angry when I try that but at this point I’m not sure I can keep having records just randomly die.

I’m aware of nano /home/user-data/dns/custom.yaml but the only entries in there I’ve added through the webpanel (https://example.com/admin) itself I’m also aware of ./dns_update.py which can be run from within /root/mailinabox/management/ but I’m just not sure that we are able to reproduce how this sucker seems to fail and I’m ready to give up.

If you do not want to use your Mail-in-a-Box server for DNS simply change the name servers at the domain registrar to who you do want to use once you have set the records up in their DNS system.

Easy peasy.

This is fair I was just hoping to actually continue to use the box to have a dns server on it like one within a docker container but I realized this is going to severely void my warranty when it comes to MAIB

Don’t do that. The named service belongs to BIND 9 which is used used as a recursive name server in order for the box itself to be able to lookup external domains. Without it your box won’t be able to resolve external domains it is supposed to send emails to.

The task of the authoritative DNS server, which ensures that external systems can resolve the domains that are hosted on your box, is done by NSD. However, both services should be running for everything to work smoothly, and it shouldn’t be necessary to stop or disable the NSD service, even if you decide to host your domains externally.

I found the following thread on GitHub. Maybe it can point you at least in the right direction: bind9 installation · Issue #109 · mail-in-a-box/mailinabox · GitHub

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