I need to add an NS record for a sub-domain

I have MIAB up and running, love it. I’ve got my first 2 domains on it and have migrated my imap accounts over from Google Apps via imapsync. It’s all going awesome.

But now I need to migrate my 3rd domain. This one has a subdomain that is required for a service I use on that website. I need to have an NS record for link.mydomain.com set to that services DNS.

Currently the domain is on gandi.net and just using gandi.net’s DNS. On there I have these 2 records:

link NS dns.theirserver.com
link NS dns2.theirserver.com

MIAB doesnt have NS as a type in the drop down for adding a custom entry. How do I accomplish this?

I am not sure if i understood your problem totally but I think you can accomplish your goal by using a secondary nameserver.
your admin panel > System > Custom DNS > Using a secondary nameserver

Thanks for the response. But that is not what I am attempting to accomplish. I need to allow another server to control the DNS for a subdomain. This is a pretty standard thing. It’s a setup for a newsletter system I use. I need the newsletter providers server to control the DNS for the link. subdomain. NS records with a subdomain are used for this. But MIAB doesn’t allow me to add NS records.

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