I need some help with my delivery issue for yahoo

I setup a MIAB server for a customer. The box was box dot adboostads dot com (test domain) and his first customer (not sending bulk emails) domain was giftpick dot club. He has a list of email that he has been sending email to for years but now wanted to uchange his domain and use giftpick dot club. I created a sub domain called ads dot giftpick dot club. I verified the domain wth gmail and signed up for the feed back loop on yahoo, but my yahoo emails are still getting

553 5.7.2 [TSS09] All messages from will be permanently deferred; Retrying will NOT succeed.

What can I do? Thanks.

If it is only Yahoo, which I doubt. Check blacklists. Register an abuse email. Register yourself at https://www.dnswl.org/

Fill in Problems Delivering Mails to AOL or Yahoo Mailboxes:

Here: https://senders.yahooinc.com/contact/

Clear the postfix queue
Terminal: postqueue -p
as retries because your message is deferred (postponed) will only make them nervous. The deferral is good news, meaning they will defer for week. Some messages may pass after 3-4 hours. If it was a plain bounce you would have to wait for at least 2 weeks.

Gmail and Yahoo introduced much stringent rules for bulk senders and when they see own domain they put you in bulk senders.

Read this: An Overview of Bulk Sender Changes at Yahoo/Gmail | AWS Messaging & Targeting Blog

DO NOT SEND to yahoo and other Tech Giant Mailbox Providers for a week. Send new messages gradually. 1 per day, 1 per day, 2, 3 per day etc. Check regularly https://multirbl.valli.org/ see if you are listed. Delist yourself from everywhere.

Additionally add yourself to Gmail postmaster https://postmaster.google.com/managedomains

I know you are not a bulk sender but there is a link on the main page and this is the one https://postmaster.google.com/v2/sender_compliance after you login to gmail which tells you if you are compliant to their VERY STRICT bulk sender rules. Be patient you have to send emails to gmail for at least 4 days.
Be careful, they need 1 recipient to manually mark your mail as SPAM and you need to wait for 4 weeks for them to mitigate. This is the famous google 0.3% per 1000 messages reported spam.

That is it my friend, welcome to the highly centralized email delivery world.

Thanks for the reply. I can send email to gmail and outlook without problems, but yahoo is still not accepting. I am on a blacklist and have no idea how and cannot find a way to get off. IPolspam RHSBL-H]. Is this why yahoo is blockinmg me?

Your IP address is on 5 blacklists @bhsmith , and not the one that you believe it is.

The SpamRats lists are fatal to you as far as Yahoo! is concerned.

I suggest working to mitigate your IP from the blacklists, or if you prefer to take the easy way out, you can sign up for my AnyMXRelay SMTP relay service.

Try to dilist yourself from spamrats. It seems you have a valid Reverse dns. No reason why would they list you. Try here SpamRATS! - Contact SpamRATS!

As for https://matrix.spfbl.net/ They now introduced a fee to pay. It used to be free. This is where you register the abuse email which is a requirement for a comercial domain. You must control postamster@adboostads.com in order to register with them because they will send you a verification email on that address. You can refister postamster@adboostads.com as the abuse address.
Currently * abuse@hostinger.com and * abuse@ipxo.com are registered as abuse addresses which do not corresspond to your domain. These are the bottom lists DNSBL Informationallist Test in the MultiRBL.valli.org - Results of the query

All other lists seem fine.

And eventually (1 week 2 weeks from now) as I said earlier yahoo will lift the defferal. The defereal serves to warn you that something is wrong. Do correct these issues and warm up the IP and I think you’ll be fine.