I need a Linode total guide for email in a box server and website

hi everybody.
how can i do for configurate mail in a box and a wordpress site for one domain that have theirs DNS servers transferred to LINODEs server.
My registrar say me that they can’t configurate the glue records because I am using Linode dns server as external DNS provider and i have to configure all I need in this service.
In linode help dont say anything about install Mail in a box in linode box and web site in another linode. I have being trying to install Child DNS servers named NS1.MYDOMAIN.EU and NS2.MYDOMAIN.EU and AA and AAAA register for domain BOX.MYDOMAIN.EU using IP of BOX.MYDOMAIN.EU and AA and AAAA register for MYDOMAIN.EU using IP for MYDOMAIN.EU Everything work good for one or two days and later the site break down and only show a message "THIS IS A MAIL IN A BOX take control of your email at https://mailinabox.email/ " in the browser. But the mail server work fine. send and receive emails, i dont understand what happend it seems to me that the DNS configuration is wrong, but i don’t find any guide to follow.

Some body can help me.

MiaB requires its own domain and its own server.

If you have a domain with WordPress and want it to also be MiaB, you can have MiaB use that domain and then use the DNS server in MiaB to configure an external DNS A/AAAA records for wherever WordPress is located.

Or you can use a second domain for MiaB and then configure the domain you have on WordPress to use MiaB for mail on that domain’s DNS server.

The person at your registrar is incorrect. They CAN configure glue records, but if you are using Linode for DNS, then you do not need to create Glue records for the domain hosting MiaB.

Nah, don’t try that. As you can already tell, it isn’t going to work well.

Send me your MiaB hostname and the domain name for your website in a PM and I will help you straighten out the records.

Hi openletter.
Yes, i have a server (linode) for each one, the great problem is that i can’t find any guide for to configurate both in any place. As I said before My domain registar provider say me that they can’t supply glue records because I have resend my DNS to linode server. It seem to me that is a joke but i can do anything with they. For now I delete two server names NS1.box and NS2.box in Linode DNS server and the site work fine and MIaB too. but i still have some errors in Sistem Status Checkes Area only in mydomain.eu address, for box.mydomain.eu everything is good.

Hy alento thanks for yor answer.
My Miab hostname is box.predioclick.eu and my domain name is predioclick.eu I have one linode for my site named predioclick-site and one for my MiaB named box.predioclick.eu as the help in linode suggested.
this is my DNS server configuration now i have to rewrite NS1. box and NS2.box because the site break down again.


MX Record

Add a MX Record

|Mail Server|Preference|Subdomain|TTL||


A/AAAA Record

Add an A/AAAA Record

Hostname IP Address TTL
predioclick.eu Default
predioclick.eu 2a01:7e00::f03c:92ff:fe3a:1a2c Default
box Default
box 2a01:7e00::f03c:92ff:fe6d:a564 Default
www Default
www 2a01:7e00::f03c:92ff:fe3a:1a2c Default

can you help me pls.

Your registrar is correct and it is not a joke.

Please consider following the instructions for installation.

Be careful here my friend …

This statement is in fact incorrect. But, it has elements of truth in it. Glue records are independent of who is being used for DNS. They said that they could not configure glue records because he is using Linode. This statement is absolutely incorrect and the fact that Linode is being used is irrelevant. They should have stated that it is not necessary to create glue records for this purpose, because that is the truth.

Anyways, the problem the OP has here is that there is not a good understanding of External DNS … which is understandable as the install guide hardly makes a mention of it. The install guide focuses on setting glue records and the instructions to skip them for users using External DNS are not super clear, especially for a non-native speaker of English.

So now, on to solving the OP’s problem … in the next reply.

@qmaness You are setting up a configuration of MiaB that is not well documented in the guides how to actually do IMHO.

You have chosen to use “External DNS”, maybe not consciously, but your scenario and actions show that you have made this choice. When using External DNS, it is not necessary to create glue records, so your ISP was actually correct but they seemingly did not explain this to you in a correct manner.

Now let me explain what you are going to need to do. You actually have two options when using MiaB for your mail server and a different server for your web server. These two options are especially relevant when you wish to use a different providers DNS service - by different provider, I mean not using MiaB for DNS.

Option 1 is to use a ‘service domain’. By ‘service domain’ I am referring to a completely unrelated domain for the specific purpose of operating your MiaB server. The downside is that there is an extra domain to maintain and the annual costs of that, and the upside is that it is not tied to your actual domain at all, so there is no need to be concerned with modifying (or adding) glue records for your website domain, or even pointing DNS to your MiaB.

Option 2 is to use your domain. When using option 2 there are decisions to be made before you begin such as do I use the MiaB for DNS, or do I use external DNS? If I use MiaB for DNS how do I avoid a ‘single point of failure’ and how do I set up Secondary DNS to avoid that? Factors such as will there be a web site hosted elsewhere need to be considered. So you have to put a lot of thought in to how things will be accomplished - whereas using a service domain, nothing has to be pre-planned.

Now @qmaness it is here that you have to make a choice. Do you purchase a second domain and follow option 1, or do you continue to use a single domain and need to follow option 2.

I am going to make the assumption of option 2 here … since that is what you are asking about in your OP. And since that is the path you have ventured down. One of the decisions that you have to make is whether or not to use MiaB for DNS or External DNS. You have already chosen to use External DNS. Your External DNS provider is Linode. I am going to validate that you have made the correct decision to use External DNS IMHO as you are running a commercial website on your domain. Those running private or hobby websites are not counting on their domain / website being absolutely available 100% of the time so using MiaB and the single point of failure it introduces is not a critical concern for them.

So when using External DNS with your MiaB on your own domain, you skip the set up instructions to create glue records. You will need to have the name servers set by your domain registrar as being those of the External DNS provider - in your case Linode so ns1 to ns5 .linode.com need to be set.

This step is optional, but is a good practice - especially for someone not well versed in how DNS works, so I recommend not skipping it: After your installation of MiaB is complete, you will need to go to the “Custom DNS” page in the admin area and add the A and AAAA records for your website. In your case, you will have to add 4 records - the record for box will already be correct. Then once that is complete, since you are using External DNS, you need to go to the External DNS page and copy ALL records on this page to your DNS records at your chosen provider EXCEPT for the NS records as those will be handled automatically by your DNS provider 99% of the time.

This will be the correct way to set up MiaB using External DNS and hosting domain websites elsewhere.

And I realize that I lied … solving the OP’s problem will be in the next reply as this one was just a description of the two different ways of setting this up.

So, on to how to fix the mess you have @qmaness

Ok @qmaness fixing your issue is going to be super simple. It will take you all of one minute.

You appear to have modified or actually added two nameservers to the DNS records on Linode. Specifically:

Remove those two NS records, and your problem will be solved after a day or two.

Actually, there is much more you need to do … you actually need to copy the DNS records from the External DNS page of the MiaB in the admin area. There are many necessary records there such as your DKIM, SPF, DMARC records and records to assist in autoconfig and autodiscover … but remember to update your A/AAAA records on the Custom DNS page first.

Now, an explanation of what has happened here. But first, I need to explain how DNS works ...

When you enter a URL in your web browser a request is sent to DNS to determine where the web site is located. When that request is sent your ISP or computer is told that there are 7 (the way things are at this moment) places to look for the information. So then one of those locations is chosen at random to get the ‘authoritative’ answer from. Once an answer is received from the ‘authoritative’ DNS server that answer is remembered for a period of time set by the DNS provider, which in this case is Linode and/or MiaB of 86400 seconds (one day), So when that answer is received it is remembered for a day.

Now here is where things have gone wrong in your case. I suspect that you never entered the A and AAAA records into Custom DNS on your MiaB. By adding the two entries to the NS records you have entered, you told the world that your MiaB is ALSO a good place to get answers from - but it is not as the information there on that server is incorrect as you skipped the Custom DNS page step.

So, what is actually happening here …

is that randomly you are getting DNS lookups from the MiaB server which is telling the world that your web site is hosted on the MiaB box, which it is not. You will continue to see that for at least a day when a new DNS lookup is done. At that point you may randomly get an answer from Linode DNS or the MiaB. If you again land on the MiaB server you get incorrect results for another day … and so on.

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This DNS test may highlight what has happened here … it shows the results from the perspective of ns5.linode.com. Unfortunately, I have not been able to get it to use one of the incorrect name servers ns1.box.predioclick.eu so I cannot show a demonstration of what is happening when that server is randomly chosen.


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