I dont recieve any mail from my website server

I host my website on send only server, all my sent notifcations out dont get to my MIAB inbox , nor on spam nor any where. ( may be they got droped by Spamassassin ). and I can’t find any info about these emails in /var/log/mail.log
Emails scrore is 6.9 they arrive to inbox of other servers ( gmail, yahoo, and outlook).
and I dont want to use an SMTP.
Any suggestions where to look


You’ve really not given enough information for anyone to help you.

How are the mails being sent from the other server? via postfix on that server? via authenticated smtp relay to your MiaB server? And which inbox do they go to?

My best guess is that you have not set SPF records in DNS for your other server and MiaB is blocking them as all properly configured mail servers should, while the ‘other inbox’ is not properly configured. Again though, this is just a guess as there is really not enough info here to diagnose what is happening.

Make sure the software you are using is actually configured to USE your MIAB mate. Wordpress has an SMTP plugin for this - use it :slight_smile:

Hi @alento ,
thanks for the reply.
my email are sent through php mail() and post fix. and every server (including ,gmail.outlook and zoho) recieve them . bot MIAB block them or what they just dont show up at all.
besides MIAB is on server 1 ( box.mydomaine.com) and the emails come from server 2 (mydomaine.com)

hi @murgero
I dont want to use smtp because because I send diffrent emails by diffrent users.

Well sending email on behalf of your server and not using the server for sending it will get you black listed, put in spam folders, etc. That’s common sense man. Gotta use an SMTP plugin or use a different email provider like mailchimp

No I’m sending email from my domaine servere and the spf is configured for that.
and as I said gmail, yahoo, outlook and zoho dont list as spam.
I wish MIAB can just list me as spam. but the email just never arrive and I dont know where is it

If you do not send out of the postfix server on your MIAB then it is not getting the SPF and DKIM signatures it needs.

my spf is configured to send email from my MIAB server and my domaine.com server . and tested spf and it’s correctly configured and I can deliver email from both servers except from my domaine server to my MIAB server.

You do not understand, PHP_MAIL() does not report the right server name so it will fail both DKIM checks and SPF checks… Please use smtp plugin, or you might need to use an external service for this script.

@murgero how can I see the log of these blocked emails?

/var/log/mail.log or /var/log/syslog?

I emptied both files resent the emails and and can’t find my sent emails in the log.
nor in the inbox or spam of course.

Damn - this is an email being sent TO your MIAB not FROM?

@murgero plz accept my humble knowledge. but
the emails are sent correctly delivered to most servers on earth and not to MIAB.
after some rersearch
I think MIAB have a higher spam score , do you think I could lower that?