I can't set a domain name for @ or www

I have two domains that are r3df0x.net and r3df0x.com and the .net domain is the main domain for the mail box. I set the .com domain to use the box as the nameserver but I couldn’t set www and @ domains to another box. I have two boxes right now, Debian and Kali. They both run Ubuntu and the distro names are the naming scheme. Debian is the mail box and Kali is going to be for hosting websites. Even when I explicitly entered the Kali IP address for the @ and www domains, they still pointed to Debian.

I know the box needs a primary domain to use for its email and it needs to have domains to access it but I really want to be able to use the DNS interface on the same box so I can use email for those domains and host my DNS with it.

Will there be an option to point @ and www subdomains elsewhere? Perhaps the box subdomain could be used for accessing the email server because it’s not one that would likely be needed to be used on a different box for a website.

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