I cannot access my mails on Roundcube, Outlook, Thunderbird

Hello everyone,

For the last couple of weeks, I am having a weird problem.

I can access my emails on iPhone with the Mail app, however, I cannot access on my PC with Roundcube or Outlook or even Thunderbird. I get notifications when I receive emails but it doesn’t show anything, no emails.

I reinstalled Mail-in-a-Box (v67), still same problem.

Any idea what’s going wrong?



I deleted dovecot files in each folder and system generated new one and now I can access emails except INBOX

When I check the /home/user-data/mail/mailboxes/domain/user/ there is not INBOX folder and all my emails which supposed to be in the INBOX are in a folder, called “cur”

Is it normal?



Yes, and in the folder “new” will be the unread emails.

Assuming you’ve tried from a different PC?

Was Thunderbird upgraded lately? Maybe you need to update the client or maybe an update is acting up?

Unfortunately it seems that your server installation for your inbox seems to be in some stage of disarray now based on your latest post.

How are you hosting MiaB? VPS?
Might be time to rebuild box from scratch?

Almost sounds like your box is having a hard drive issue or something? What is the consistency of the disk? Any disk checks ran lately? Did you check any logs? How full is the disk?