I broke Nextcloud Script

Now, I know you all hate supporting modifications to the code, but I modified “setup/nextcloud.sh”, because I wanted to get the latest Nextcloud, calendar, contacts, and add Nextcloud Talk (spreed) to my server.

It was working PERFECTLY since a few months ago when I did it, but I needed to move servers, and I did a Nextcloud upgrade in the process. Here is the gist of my modified setup/nextcloud.sh: https://gist.github.com/EliterScripts/fa2a2ae900e885555ca1bc654adb4de3

Nextcloud wants to downgrade, which is screwing everything else up.

I have to get some sleep, but I will be figuring this out first thing in the morning! I will be looking into this first thing in the morning. In the meantime, all my emails will be down.