How to view total number of emails sent?


I would like to find out how many total emails that was sent from a specific email address that’s hosten on our MIAB server, where would I find this?

I’ve looked in mail.log and there’s so much data that’s unreadable, I was wondering if there was any other log file location that offered the statistics that I need?


Login as the user, and count the emails? There is a command line tool that can do this, though I forget the name of it.

Uhmm … the Mail-in-a-Box usage report that is mailed to the admin email each Monday?

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I feel you bro. …

@murgero @alento I don’t know what you guys meant to express, but the last two replies come off as dismissive of the original poster’s question. Please don’t do that.

@fasterthangoogle There’s a script at management/ that pulls the sort of statistics you’re looking for from mail.log. The output of the command is sent to the administrator’s account each week. But you could look at how the script works if you are looking for something a little different.

@joshdata I meant what I said … the details are in the usage report that is mailed to the admin email each Monday (I think that is the day). The "Uhmm … " would have been ‘maybe that is what @murgero was referring to’. Not sure how you get dismissive from that …