How to use multiple IPs for sending emails


All bulk email services differentiate themselves by the number of IPs they include with the server, to distribute the load.

How to setup mailinabox to use multiple IPs?


If it has multiple interfaces it should be possible, but I do not believe MIAB supports this out of the box.

what do you mean multiple interfaces?

I want to run SENDY, use my nameservers, and send emails from different domains.

I have 4 IPs with my dedicated server, and can add more, but how to actually use them to spread my outgoing email over?

and how to make sure all are verified senders for all domains (spf/dkim, etc)




But if you only have 1 server, using 4 ip address’s will not load balance. It’s just using a different ip for sending and receiving email.

Just FYI, I’ve used Sendy through SNS on AWS. Along with MIAB on Vultr Storage Instances and webserver on aws Elastic Beanstalk (auto-scaling). Registrar and DNS was originally with Godaddy, but after countless issues with auto-scaling webservers, ssl and MIAB, I moved DNS to Route53. After years of trial and error due to lack of online info, I have it somewhat stable. There are so many volitile issues with DNS records, inability to customize MIAB keys, etc. etc.

Good luck. Sendy runs on AWS ec2 in East 1 region so your name servers are nothing like your example. If you need some advice on things that I had to keep an eye on, let me know. not exactly sure your question, unless you’re just asking how to add multiple ip address to spf and dkim records. that’s fairly easy, depending on which dns provider you are using.

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