How to use box DNSSEC with cloudflares DNSSEC

how would I use mail in a box DNSSEC with cloudflares DNSSEC

What do you mean? IIRC, Cloudflare won’t be proxying your mail unless you’re shelling out for an Enterprise account.

Or do you mean you have your domain with Cloudflare? If this is the case, it should be just as any other registrar where you set your glue records to point at your MiaB name server address (e.g.,

Correct me if I am wrong, but if your domain is registered by Cloudflare, you have to use their DNS.

I actually don’t know. If they don’t allow it, then Cloudflare is not a very good option for MiaB sending server domain registration.

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I am gonna say that you wouldn’t … but first can you please elaborate a bit as your question really doesn’t make sense in that you use one OR the other for DNSSEC as DNSSEC is tied to your name server for the domain.

I’m using Google as my domain register which they don’t support me setting glue records so I just used cloudflare and manually set the DNS records well I set up DNSSEC via cloudflare and I set up DNSSEC from mail in a box do I not need to do the DNSSEC from the box
Edit: nevermind they just labeled it a different way so they do support glue records

Yes, glue records have a few different names. I’ve ran into this before.

Is there a way I can do glue records without the box taking over my root domain with its static web page because I serve content on the root domain page which is dynamic because it seems like I need to do that for the DNSSEC to work with the box

Yes, you can change the record in the Custom DNS page in the dashboard.

If the domain gets too much traffic, then the name server duties may be too much for the server, in which case you are better off using a different domain for the server domain so you can move the higher traffic domain to a different name server and just use the MiaB for MX record duties.

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Off topic!!!

Freaking GoDaddy calls them HostNames. WTF?

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