How to update to specifically Version v0.30?

I have an older MiaB installation that is a few versions behind.

At this point in time - I do not have an opportunity to go the whole hog and rebuild/upgrade to v0.40 and Ubuntu 18.04+.

Is there a way to specifically define during update - to only go to v0.30?

The instructions for moving to v0.40 do say:
Upgrade your existing Mail-in-a-Box to version v0.30 first. This is mandatory and relates to limitations in the PHP versions supported by ownCloud/Nextcloud database migrations.
But doesn’t say how to specifically go to v0.30 (or have I missed something?)

Do I need to down load the install/upgrade script from a specific place? or define a parameter when calling the install/upgrade script? Or is the install/upgrade script smart enough to know I’m on Ubuntu14?



If using the curl option, the install/upgrade script should be smart enough to know you’re on Ubuntu14.04 then, just snapshot your server before to go for to have a point to return if something fails.

OK Thx - will snapshot and try.

Yes - took snapshot & ran the standard setup script. Everything seems to have upgraded to 0.30 as hoped.

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