How to speedup many emails receiving?

Hello, i want to know, it’s possible to MIAB handle about 50 emails/second? As i see it’s using sqlite and storing emails in different files. For now speed is about 2 emails/second with disabled spampd.
Thank you for your answers.

What size server are you currently running? This is likely a resource issue.

What is the use case? Is this normal mail server duties? Newsletters?

About 150k users on 1 email domain.
At one time, users receive a newsletter, it’s make server create many smtpd with “stress” in arguments and postfix/trivial-rewrite using about 30-40% CPU.
But in logs there is about 2 emails/second handling.

My recommendation would be that if you cannot find a server powerful enough for MiaB to handle the load, as configured by MiaB, then you likely require a completely different configuration.

For example, a server just for Postfix, one or more servers for Dovecot (complex configuration using the workers feature), possibly a dedicated LMTP server, Spamassassin server, an NFS solution of some sort, plus a dedicated backup system.

Only going on what you have posted so far, I would also recommend contracting a professional experienced mail administrator, because systems at this size usually require a whole lot of other configurations like firewall settings that are just completely unaddressed with MiaB.

Two emails/second sounds more like there is somehow something very wrong with your server or you are using an inexpensive VPS.

As stated above, its merely a resource issue for the amount of users and as of open letter writes.

Keep in mind that the web interface probably is capable of handling a lot of users, but is not intended to use 150k users. e.g. modifications will be very slow

If you’ve currently 150k users, rent a good system administrator who can setup a proper system. You’ll probably alsohave a helpdesk / 2nd line for spam handling and so on.

A couple of times in the past, I build / maintained such a system and a $10 VPS will not be sufficient;)

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