How to setup MX record to a external DNS Manager

Good day,
In my box i have these MX recorded with (0 .) that I have to create back to our external DNS server.
autoconfig.domain MX 0 .
autodiscover.domain MX 0 .
mta-sts.domain MX 0 .
domain MX 0 .
Each of them has an explanation of each what is doing. My question is, how do i set them up as i am confused what is goes in the PRIORITY and what goes in VALUE. Does the 0 . go in the PRIORITY and then for the VALUE i put the domain or @, will it work.

Sorry for the confusion. The zero is the priority and the dot is the domain.

Thank you @JoshData so the dot is the box domain or my domain.

No it’s actually a dot. A dot goes in the value field.

Thank you, let me do that.

Here is a sample of what the entry would look like on Cloudflare.


The screen is funky … I suppose CF doesn’t know how to make a web page responsive. :stuck_out_tongue: The type is MX of course.

Thank you all for the help it now makes sense