How to setup glue records in namecheap

I am trying to setup the glue records in my accounts domain conflagration but I am missing something. The video shows how to set those glue records in but I cant replicate that process in the new configuration system in namecheap
Can someone send me a resource to set it up in the new namecheap admin. Not the old system. Or if someone can write down a step by step guide to set this up.

Also is it possible for me to host more than one domains for their emails? Like how gsuite emails work where we setup mx records for the google server. Please confirm. Thank you!

Here’s namecheaps guide for entering Glue records by using the personal servers option to add both the server name and IP address.

You can host more than one domain on the box. Simply create an email user with the required domain and the system will add all the MX DKIM and other DNS entries you need… You don’t need glue records for the additional domains but you do need to set a standard nameserver entry at the registrar to point to your box.

Thanks for the help.
So in order to make more than one domain email work I will need to set that domains DNS to my email server? Isnt there a way to add MX records in the already existing DNS manager site? i.e, I use cloudflare for all my client sites

No. You need to set that domains MX record in your DNS at Cloudflare.

This is not accurate. It should read something like, “You do not need glue records for the additional domains but you do need to set the MX record where your domain’s DNS is handled to point to the MiaB instance”.

An additional comment: I set up glue records on NameCheap the other day and the image in the guide referenced is a bit different that the actual layout is today. IMHO, NameCheap is one of the worst registrars for setting glue records.

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That depends on whether your nameservers are pointed at the box or not.

If they’re correctly pointing at then the box serves out everything including MX records etc without you having to worry about them. If on the other hand you point the nameservers at the registrar or some other external DNS provider, then you have to set you MX records.

I’ve got three domains going and I didn’t have to set up any MX records for the domains to work. I just needed to make sure the nameservers for the additional domains pointed to box.firstdomain


It appears that the OP is attempting to do two things here. Have email for his domains on MiaB, and continue to serve the DNS for his domains through Cloudflare. So the advice in this thread needs to take both things into consideration.

By setting glue records at the registrar the OP is committing himself to using the box’s DNS for his ‘primary’ domain. That said will use the MiaB’s DNS by virtue of the glue records pointed to the IP of the box. The nameservers for also need to be pointed at the box using ns1 &

For,, etc. ONLY the MX records need to be altered, not the nameservers as the OP is hosting DNS on Cloudflare.

I hope this heads off any potential confusion with the opposing answers here with the 2 different scenarios in play. @ravenstar68 - my correction to your answer was directly addressing the SPECIFIC point that OP was wanting to continue using Cloudflare DNS on his other domains.

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Thank you everyone for the great suggestions. I will go ahead and try to set it up and catch up if it doesnt work. PS namecheap is indeed not a great domain manager :stuck_out_tongue:

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