How to setup Gandi as Secondar DNS provider?

I was finally make a “perfect” mailserver registering .website TLD at, thanks a lot mailinabox team!
Perfect means here that I was able to create glue records, DNSSEC, set up SSL.

Then, I wanted the same for two other mailservers, using .fashion and .top TLDs. I failed creating glue records, but gandi support says it’s because I need different IP addresses for namservers.

They suggested, that I could use gandi’s Secondary DNS,

Can I use gandi’s secondary DNS for secondary nameserver in mailinabox?

I tried to set it up, entered the hostname into mailinabox Custom DNS Secondary field. But on gandi’s control panel, I don’t know what to do, I still cannot create glue records.

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Then add as your third name server for your domain as follows:

  • At MiaB admin panel you have two options:
  1. just add as your secundary DNS server or
  2. Add xfr: (the default IP) instead:

  • Finally, give sometime to fully propagate your DNS’s changes and verify results with:


  • Here you have an example of the answer you will get:

Hope this helps!

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You should avoid using xfr: unless there’s a specific reason, because with xfr: the nameservers you set at your domain registrar will be inconsistent with the nameservers published by your box. That’s probably OK but might confuse DNS servers or might result in your secondary DNS server not actually being used if the DNS results from your box are cached by users’ upstream DNS servers (maybe).

Thaks for all this useful knowlage about namservers, now I can try them… on a different TLD domain.

It turned out, that my glue record creation problems are related to my choice of TLD. As gandi support finally figured out:

“After a check with our technical department, it appears that for .FASHION and .TOP Tlds, it is not possible to declare a Glue record for a “sub-sub” domain.
In clear you are asking on:
And this will only works for example, for:
Our technical team will fix this, but unfortunately, I have no ETA to provide for now.”

If they notify me about the fix, I will post it here! Until that, these TLDs are not really fit or MiaB I guess.

  • Then, modified now Secundary Nameserver hostname to
  • Thanks alot for the advise!

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