How to set Firstname and Lastname for account?


How to set First Name and Last Name for an account?



Your question is rather vague. But I will take a guess as to what you are really asking:

How do I set the name that is shown as the sender when I send an email?

This is a function of your email client. MiaB has Roundcube built in, but you can use ANY email client that supports IMAP/POP3/SMTP.

For Roundcube you need to go to Settings > Identities and add the name you want to display as the “Display Name”.


Many email clients, including Microsoft Mail and Calendar for Windows 10, read the user’s first and last name from the server.

And many email clients/servers do not follow normal internet standards.

As you’ve likely noticed when setting up email accounts in the MiaB admin area, you are not prompted to enter a users firstname or lastname. The reason is because that is a function of the email client, not the server.

The firstname and lastname come from the identitiy provider not from the e-mail server itself. Exchange for example relies on Active Directory to get that information.

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