How to send from any address of email domain alias

Figured this out after learning that simply having a domain alias that forwards to the corresponding mailbox at another domain doesn’t allow the mailbox to send as the email address it successfully receives for.

  • Login to Mail-in-a-Box control panel.
  • Go to Mail > Aliases.
  • Create a domain alias for secondary.tld that forwards to @primary.tld.
  • Create an alias in Roundcube > Settings > Identities. Only required field is email.
  • Compose an email in Roundcube. Select the alias in the field From dropdown menu. Write “Test” in field Subject. Write an email address in field To.
  • Send.

SMTP Error (553): Failed to add recipient “[target@email.address]” (5.7.1 <[alias]@[secondary.tld]>: Sender address rejected: not owned by user [current_account]@[primary.tld]).

  • Login to Mail-in-a-Box control panel.
  • Go to Mail > Aliases.
  • Edit domain alias.
  • Choose “I’ll enter the mail users that can send mail claiming to be from any address on the alias domain.”.
  • Write in the field that appears the email address of the account which you want to use to send as the alias from.
  • Press the button Update to save.
  • Send the email in Roundcube.

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