How to remove owncloud

How do I remove owncloud and stop it being reinstalled on update. Also does the update alter iptables?


MiaB is an “closed” system that should only work. Removing or modifying things like that is possible, but not supported :slight_smile:

An Update will overwrite all Settings and Modifications :wink:

I don’t believe an update would overwrite all settings and modifications. I can easily get round any modifications it makes to Iptables just by using iptables-persistent. As for other settings. what exactly do you mean? There are many of the important settings that can only be touched by root. Its a little confusing and worrying if all config is handled by Miab. For example I have just installed Java JRE. are you saying an update would mess things like that up

You should not install any software on the Same Server as MiaB. The Server should be dedicated for MiaB.

Modifications are not supported by MiaB and @JoshData :wink:

No disrespect to you aspdye but Miab is itself installed on a box already loaded with many software packages in a fresh distribution. Honestly, to say I should not install any other software and let MiaB handle everything would be be a little silly for a production server. Personally I will be removing the update scripts and manage it myself

Do you install nginx on your toothbrush?

I’m not sure I fully understand the question. However, I have installed MaaB purely for testing. But I can honestly say it is on the face of it a starting point for anyone who wants a mail server. But to sugest you cant install anything else is just plain wrong. MiaB is setup on a clean install of ubuntu 14.4 server which already has many software packages installed. I understand that you don’t support anything else but MiaB. I get that. Maybe to clear things up you should be more open about what MiaB actually does during an update because looking around this forum update have broken several systems. And that’s why I said to say I should not install any other software and let MiaB handle everything would be a little silly for a production server

The update is the same as a fresh install. It installs packages, uninstalls packages, creates files, and changes settings so that the machine does what we want it to do. As with the fresh install (because it’s the same code as a fresh install), the update assumes there’s nothing else important on the box so that it’s free to change whatever it needs to change to make the system work as desired.

The source code of the project is not very long and I try to make the source readable and fully explained. You can just look at the bash scripts in the setup directory to see what it does.

Because of a Mail-in-a-Box bug or because people didn’t follow instructions and had other random stuff on their system? When there’s a bug, of course we can talk more in depth about what happened and how to make the update more reliable.

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Thanks for the explanation. Is it safe to remove or rename the setup folder. and where would the scripts or commands be that start the scripts in the setup folder. Thanks


where would the scripts or commands be that start the scripts in the setup folder

It’s the file named “start.” :slight_smile:

Here is a very unsafe, unsupported and lazy way to disable owncloud after the mailinabox setup: Mail still seems to work properly.

Actually I have started to like owncloud. But on another note it turned out to be fairly easy to stop mail in a box from updating things I didn’t want it to touch such as the nginz conf… I like the way mail in a box has setup my mail server and dns. what I didn’t like was MiaB having full control of my server. that problem is now fixed.

ownCloud will be replaced with something more “stable”:

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Yeah, but i don’t expect that to happen very soon…

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