How to receive a copy for each mail sent by an user?

It is any option to receive a copy for every mail sent by users? As a company owner I would like to track all conversations over e-mail.

This is not possible with the Mail-in-a-Box Standard Setup :wink: You are able to track all mails inside of the box, but if a user deletes/manipulates something - there is no way to restore deleted mails.
For your Information: Mail-in-a-Box does not meet the requirements of the german (and maybe european) law for business owners, to store emails in a tamper-proof enviroment for some years.

I think there is no easy, non code-modifying way to integrate a email archive software or something. You could track ingoing emails by aliases, so that all emails to are sent to you and Max, but for outgoing mails … no way :wink:

You could try using an always BCC directive in the postfix config, but do note that this is entirely unsupported by MIAB, and is not configurable in the admin control panel. Future updates may disable this functionality without notice.

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