How to Perform IP Rotation

Hello Sir ,

Thanks for the great Installer … need to know how can we rotate the IP for better delivery … i’m new to linux …

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There shouldn’t be a reason to change IP addresses regularly.

(This is mostly between you and your ISP or cloud provider. How that would affect Mail-in-a-Box depends on how you change the IP address.)

Actually i want to use this smtp server for newsletter marketing ?

can i use this server for email newsletter , to avoid blacklisting … looking for solution and came to know that IP roataion can be possible by IPTABLES

what do you say sir ?

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Same thing: A) It shouldn’t be necessary. B) It’s something between you and the ISP or cloud provider. You can’t normally unilaterally just take over a different IP address.

You’d get a better answer on a site like ServerFault.