How to not get flagged by oligopoly of email providers?

I have a non-profit that wants to send emails. How do you submit request to big email providers that they do not block your domain? I want to set up a small server because its astronomically cheaper than AWS SES (which is the cheapest option).

Thanks guys

What kind of emails? Marketing related?

Mix of transactional and marketing but mostly marketing.

This sounds like you are trying to send to political email lists.

The answer to your question is you don’t. On top of that you need to follow the CAN-SPAM act so the question isn’t the “astronomical cost” (said no one ever) but how are you going to track unsubscribes with your own email server.

There are many self hosted mailchimp alternatives that handle the tracking. Warmup is important. There are many warmup services online that are economical.

Political email lists? What do you mean by that? If I am capable of building a mail service, I am also capable of building a functionality that can handle unsubscribes. Dafaq lol

Do you know why all these mail sending services like mailchimp, mailerlite charge ~$15 for 50k mails ? AWS has shown that it cost pennies to send thousands of mails ($1/10,000 mails).

How are other services justifying $15 price mark? Are they just financial traps?

Yes. Sendy - Send Newsletters 100x cheaper via Amazon SES is a great self hosted option that uses SES API. It’s a one time fee and then your hosting costs. For sending large quantities it does require a pretty powerful box.

I’ve also used Mailwizz which has more features but required too much manual setup for my use case.

How do you set up mail servers given cloud providers block port 25 and home ISPs do the same.

Most providers will unblock the port once you contact them and ask it to get unblocked. They’ll probably ask you what you’ll use it for and if they deem it valid they’ll handle it.

yup, and assuming you don’t have any abuse issues your ok. Additionally, using an API (SES, Sendgrid, etc) rather than SMTP ports bypass the issue.

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