How to mark an email in Roundcube Junk folder as "Non SPAM"?


I found 2 mails in roundcube junk folder that were marked as Spam by Spamassassin.

How is it possible to tell him this is not a Spam ? Simply moving it to Inbox I fear spamassassin will not learn from his mistake…


Dragging the mail out of the Spam folder is supposed to train Spamassassin, but I am not sure it’s actually working.

  • I have been having the same issue since installing MIAB.
  • And, moving them back to Inbox does not stop SA from simply putting it back into Junk.
  • Investigating SA I found the following which I have not tried because I suspect changes would be overwritten by updates from MIAB.

Spam Assassin manual or auto whitelisting

The following may help as well.
Bayesian learning