How to make users Login through a custom Signup Page

We have the login API (provided by mailinabox) with us but how to use it so that I can integrate in the frontend and pass user credentials and then get redirected to the mail box where in we can send and receive the mails.

Please help me, and if it is not possible then let me know that can we modify the existing User Interface of Mail In A Box.

You need to hire a web developer / programmer to create this.

or install chat GPT and it might help you to make an htlml login page with the API instructions (the syntax). Don’t tell them the user and the pass. Just ask how to store the credentials in a safe file not accassable from the internet.

No one should be recommending on this forum the use of an LLM to solve specific problems. I don’t mind advice like “ChatGPT might be able to help you get started”, in the same way one might recommend searching StackOverflow for advice. But an implication that a definitive answer can be found by chatting with an LLM is potentially dangerous.


Hahaha! So is walking over a pedesstrian crossing! :slight_smile:

Don’t get me started on transportation!

The difference is that there are whole ecosystems of transportation education that tell pedestrians about the dangers of car-first societies. There is no comparable education for building software securely. We cannot expect everyone on this forum to know that LLMs are lies-as-a-service playthings created by billionaires to fulfill their apocalypse fantasies.


@JoshData What syntax do you use as a curl API request to login as a user?

There is API documentation at Mail-in-a-Box HTTP API

This is for the admin page? Nothing to do with the roundcube Mail login?


If the question is about how Roundcube works, that should be asked to Roundcube’s community.

Josh needs to chill with the paranoia.

Before using llm for anything. Try to learn how html forms work and interact. Then learn a bit about curl and then ask llm what you want so you can double check llm’s work and not fall in the rabbit hole josh is so worried about. I use llm a lot and it helped me wtih the mail in the box api so much i do not use the crappy built in admin anymore. Do not fear tecnology learn to use it and do, but you have to put in at least 50% of knowledge.

I suspended @inabon from the forum for a month.


This user is suspended until Aug 1, 2024 7:00 am.
Reason: Too combative

:frowning: well my api based admin does not give me the horrible nginx timeout errors yours does and I have mentioned before. i only have 150 domains in. more than glad to pay for a license but it needs to work not be crappy. sorry mate but you do not ban people and possible customers just because your feelings got hurt.

cheers. and congrats on an almost great product.

You’re not a customer, you’re a user of a FOSS project, which is free to use and which you can fork, modify and redistribute under the terms of its license. That’s it.

Nobody owes you anything, and the project has no direct benefit from you using it, and no direct disadvantage from you not using it, and therefore doesn’t have to put up with disrespectful and disparaging comments for fear of losing a customer and thus money.

Exactly by the same token why become a cry baby and ban a person that is pointing out a fact it is crappy and working directly with the api is faster. Maybe say well yeah maybe but go ahead how can you help improve it. Thats how it was done back in the day off php bulletin boards or developing stuff. Heck the guys at discourse have more back bone they take it and fix it lol… anyways cheers have a great weekend I am around if you want to improve :slight_smile:

I will continue using this almost great product for free thanks guys.

Pff too combative lol wth is that lol.

I suspended your new account permanently. I can keep suspending you each time you make a new account - it’s no big deal for me. Be constructive in your comments or find another community to bother.

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And in case there is any confusion-

You can’t pay for a license for Mail-in-a-Box because it is already dedicated to the public domain. There is nothing to license. Everyone is free to use it for any purpose.

And while some members of this community are open to paid consulting for Mail-in-a-Box, you can’t be a customer of Mail-in-a-Box because I have no interest in being anyone’s sysadmin.

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