How to install on Ubuntu 22.04

I tried to follow all commands to install Mailinabox on my server running ubuntu 22.04 and the command does not execute at all no show any error.
I am hosting my own servers.

This is likely the reason … but first, what is your definition of “hosting my own servers”?

hosting my servers I mean not paying any hosting company coz most of the tutorials are on third party company vps. I had to highlight that. All server configurations are fine I cross checked them a lot of times to see if I was missing something? Or should I degrade the OS

its not running the command or showing any error. The operating system I am using is on CLI ubuntu 22.04 server not GUI. My server setup is using Reverse proxy with packetriot.
If you are an expert and have a domain name and a completely fresh Ubuntu 22.04 machine (note that containers and modified images are not supported) running in the cloud, you basically just run on that machine:

curl -s | sudo bash
The installation is fresh and its not using any container or neither modified so i dont understand whats happening

Ok, then what type of hardware are you using?

Then why does curl not function?

MiaB does not support this configuration, so you are completely on your own …

Can you spot the missing variable in this statement? Hint, it is “running in the cloud”.

This doesn’t mean that MiaB will not run just fine on bare metal, as it will. But then the server is still hosted in a data center with proper rDNS setup, etc.

Hi Gramz, It is possible to run your own server, but there are more things to consider and you’ll need a little more expertise. Specifically, MIAB assumes it is directly connected to the internet, so any kind of NAT or proxy is your problem. And you need to manage RDNS.

There are prior threads about this.

I have commercial grade servers.I am an expert I managed a dedicated server with contabo for 5 years until they deleted my data without due to with only payment issues . Curl is working fine the reverse proxy on my spokes server is good it works fine that should not affect any module or program installation.

As we speak today I got the github page of mailinabox i will download it manually and install it manually i think they should include the manual installation on their tutorials i am still yet to test it i will give a feedback if it works or not

reverse proxy is more like port-forwading but not using a physical router instead using a virtual router in the cloud. Like i said DNS setup is ok with my domains. So i dont think port-forward will stop you from installing a package??? Its been long am not a beginner i hosted dedicated servers for quite a while now and all security and DNS configurations I have no problem with configuring them.

Anyway i got a manual installation on github i still yet to try it

Wow it worked for anyone having same problem in the future when
curl -s | sudo bash command not working

use github manual installation
GitHub - mail-in-a-box/mailinabox: Mail-in-a-Box helps individuals take back control of their email by defining a one-click, easy-to-deploy SMTP+everything else server: a mail server in a box.
just now i saw the forkme on github icon on top right corner of their guide and its barely visible