How to force replace WoSign SSLwith FREE Letsencrypt?

I’m using WoSign SSL for more than 1 year, but it’s dying now and major browser soon will be blocking it.

Additional info. that may be of interest about Distrusting WoSign and StartCom Certificates: on major browsers, from Google, Mozilla and Apple. Hope this helps in time.

Did you remove your cert from the Admin -> System -> TLS screen?

I can’t see any option to remove, only replace is there.

Sorry, I don’t know. Back when I replaced my cert (before LE was merged), I removed it with rm.

Maybe Josh’s comment here can help?

(github issue)

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I’ve been dealing with the same issue for some time now. I was just able to successfully replace my WoSign with LetEncrypt by running ./management/ --force

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Works great Sir, Thanks a lot Everyone!

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