How to Define SPF with Custom Records for MIAB?

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Proposed Steps to create a SPF resource record:

  1. Create a custom text record, type TXT
  2. Name is your domain, usually @
  3. Data is “v=spf1 include: -a”

Sender Policy Framework(SPF) Resource Records (RR):

  • allow a receiving MTA (Message Transfer Agent) to interrogate the Name Server (DNS) of the domain which appears in the email
  • determine if the originating IP of the mail (the source) is authorized to send mail for the sender’s domain


  • the MTA’s SPF handler may not support the SPF RR type but will ALWAYS support the TXT RR type
  • so create a TXT record instead of an SPF record


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SPF is set out of the box.We don’t check the SPF records on receiving email, this is done because some providers don’t set them properly.

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