How to connect to Slack?

As the title says … is giving a 502 error.

Is Slack still in use?

Is that supposed to be a Mattermost instance or is it slack?

? :slight_smile:

The Slack channel advertised on the MiaB homepage.

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Since you like private cloud stuff:

Looks like you might not know what mattermost is. It’s an open source Slack Alt. :smiley:

Yeah, I do not use Slack but one of my vendors went to using Slack for their support channel so I signed up. I figured I could join the MiaB crowd … if anyone even uses it?

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IDK tbh.I am not really a part of the slack community

Sorry the Slack button on the Mail-in-a-Box website is broken at the moment. The link is a little service that sends an invite to join, and the service stopped working when I upgraded the server (my personal Mail-in-a-Box) to Ubuntu 18.04 for the new MiaB branch. I will look into it but it’s not a priority at the moment.

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That’s fine … but how can I join the Slack channel in the meantime? Possible?