How to configure MIAB to use alternate ports for SMTP (e.g. 2525)


I’m trying to set up an MIAB instance on Vultr for personal emails (ill-advised maybe, but it’s fun), and they’ve declined my request to have port 25 unblocked. Is there a way to make MIAB use a different port (2525) for SMTP? If yes, are there any possible consequences for doing so?


There is no sense in configuring Oitbound Port 2525 as most other mail servers listen on Port 25.
Use a relay instead. Or change your VPS.

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I can’t quite figure out how to send DMs, so I guess I’ll ask here.
I saw your post about the relay you’re running. Can I get access to it, perchance? Or am I better off using something like SendGrid?

I think you need a more permanent solution. See here 100 messages per day.

Pricing and Plans | SendGrid.