How to change mailbox quota?


I received this email after uploading emails to my newly created mailbox: “Your mailbox is now 85% full, please clean up some mails for further incoming mails.”

Is there a mailbox quota in Dovecot config files ? If yes, where ?

Note : I’m maybe confusing this mail with a previous one, so not 100% sure it’s mailinabox who sent it. But anyway, I’m wondering about how to set user quota…

Thank you for your support!

And thank you a lot JoshData for this easy to setup mail server…it’s a blast! really. ++++

There are no quotas on the box / the box did not send that mail.


Hi JoshData, are you planing add quota support for mail users to mailinabox? Free version of iRedmail have quota support but not alias support in web managment. This was biggest reason why i choosed mailinabox and not iRedmail. Will be grat have both function in mailinabox. Anyway thank you for this great project!

It’s not something I plan to work on in the near future, but it’s something that would be nice to support if someone submits a pull request.