How to change IP address?

After setting up a new Mail-in-a-Box install, the IP addresses configured in /etc/mailinabox.conf are partly out of date (because I hadn’t configured NAT to send traffic from the correct public IP for the box at the time of configuration) and partly just wrong (the box has multiple IPv6 addresses, as is generally the case, and setup didn’t choose the one I want to open to external traffic). I tried updating the values in the configuration file, but they don’t seem to be reflected anywhere.

How do I properly update public and private IP addresses?

Never mind. Just needed to reboot the server (restart Nginx?).

Hello chaos215bar2,

I believe the best way to change the IP on a MiaB server is to re-run the MiaB setup to ensure everything gets updated properly. This is normally how I do it when I change the private IPs on any of my MiaB servers I run.


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