How to "cancel" a receiving email address?

I have my own domain, and I create fake email addresses by exploiting the MX wildcard. My goal was originally to give me the freedom to “cancel” these fake email addresses when they would become compromised and added to spam lists. I have never found a way to make this work.

My desire: a list of email addresses, and when mail comes into my server and matches one of these addresses, it will be discarded and NOT delivered to any email box.

What I have tried unsuccessfully:

  1. Sieve rules to discard the message of it’s in the To: field
  2. Sieve rules to discard the message of it’s anywhere in the envelope
  3. Editing /etc/postfix/rejected_recips adding the email address to this list (it ended up rejecting boatloads of mail)

Has anyone successfully done this?

You can create a filter in your Roundcube settings and assign messages to that particular address to be deleted.